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I'm a waist trimmer for both men and women. A slimming sweat belt from my neoprene material. I am easy to adjust, and comfortable. I'm contoured to fit around your waist comfortably and I'm flexible and can adjust to your shape and size. I increase your core temperature during any kind of exercise, causing you to sweat, increase your circulation, tighten your skin, and ultimately burn more fat in your abdomenal area. 


SKU: 0001
Color: Black
  • This is a personal, natural sauna just for you. As a result of this sweatband, you will shed excess water and execrete toxins out of your body, helping you lose weight faster than you ever thought you could.


    Unlike regular waist trimmers, this sweatband offers maximum comfort, and enhances your workout. Made from soft neoprene, the band is non-smelling, delicate with your skin, breathable, traps heat and absorbs the sweat. The band  wraps perfectly around your waist while invisible under clothing. 


    The sweatband fits comfortably around your waist during exercise while allowing enough flexibility for your core and does not roll or bunch up. When using the sweatband, your muscles stays warm, reducing fatigue and pain. The sweatband also offers back support and keeps your core in good alignment. 

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