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Our P Booty resistance bands are thick, wide and are made of non slip material. Sculp, tone and improve the following muscle groups: Glutes, Abs, Calvas, Quads, and Hamstrings. You can use our bands at the gym, home, or outdoors. Our bands are perfect for thigh toning workouts, ab workouts and exercises like glute bridges, squats, straight leg raises, deadlifs, and hip raises. 


There are three levels of resistance: 

  • Light Gray- is our light resistance band which is perfect for beginners, and for rehab and prehab. 14-25lbs of resistance. 
  • Dark Gray- is our medium resistance band which is great for those who are ready for added resistance. 25-35 lbs of resistance. 
  • Black- is our heavy resistance band which is the strongest of all. This band is perfect for advanced u